Adult Diapers

product & core length 产品尺寸 +/-10mm Pcs/Bag 片/包 container size         货柜尺寸 est pcs /container 预估装柜片数 est Gross weith/container 预估毛重 Technical Info 技术参数 Remarks 备注
650mmX800mm 10 40FT HQ 100000pcs 8500kgs 1、All imported fluff pulp; 2、TAI or BASF or Nuor SAP;3、3D leak guards; 4、PE film; 5、Tape type; 6、weight can go from 65 to 140gsm according to customer requirements. 75g/pc, SAP10g
750mmX960mm 10 40FT HQ 90000pcs 8500kgs 90g/pc, SAP14g
840mmx1030mm 10 40FT HQ 8000pcs 85000kgs 100g/pc, SAP15g
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